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9 Back Exercises You Can Do To Make Your Body Thrive

Get into downward facing dog positionDownward facing dog is a great position for relaxation of the whole body and also for decompressing the entire spine, stretching the hamstring muscles, and easing lower back pain.

With hands fixed on the floor create a pyramid with your body. Keep your shoulder blades pressed down in order to give the upper back the stability it needs to stretch and strengthen all the back muscles. For a modified version, and to feel more comfortable in this position, you're advised that you keep the knees bent at first until you progressively work your way into the final pose with straight legs.

Cobra poseThis pose is a backbend that helps to relieve lower back pain, strengthen the upper back, and stretch the muscles between the ribs. Lie on your belly, keep your legs straight back slightly apart, and come onto your forearms keeping your shoulders down and your hands parallel. After that, press your palms down to lift your chest up. Take several breaths in this position, then lie down and repeat 10 times.

Try the knee-to-chest exerciseThis exercise is used in many forms of practice, but most notably in yoga. The position stretches the back muscles, hips, and lower back. Lie back, bend both knees or one leg at a time, and then gently pull your bent knee or knees toward your trunk, using your hands. Hold for a few seconds, relax your back and legs on the floor, and repeat 10 to 15 times.

Alternate lifting your legs while lying on your bellyThe only great way to strengthen your back muscles, hamstrings, and hips as you feel the pain going away is the alternate leg lifting exercise in the prone position. Lie on your stomach with your legs open slightly, use your arms to support your head, or if you feel comfortable simultaneously extend one leg and reach forward with the opposite hand. Inhale, alternately lift each leg, and hold a few seconds. Lower on the exhale. Repeat the same 10 times. Physicians suggest using a pillow under your pelvis to feel more comfortable.

Rest in child’s poseThis pose is a very easy yoga pose to perform to achieve relaxation of the whole body because it stretches and strengthens the abdominal muscles, the back muscles, and it helps with flexibility, stress relief, and eases back pain.

Sit on your knees and drop your torso forward. You can either extend your arms in front or roll them by your side to provide better support and comfort for your shoulders. You can also use a folded towel or a pillow between your thighs and lower legs to lessen the tension in that area and feel more comfortable.

Twist your spine with a supine twistIt is considered to be a helpful stretching exercise that relaxes the muscle tension on the upper and lower back by twisting your spine. Lie on your back, open your arms straight on both sides, bend both knees, and roll them slowly to one side. Stay in this position for a few seconds and then return your legs to the center of the mat in a natural position, and repeat on the other side.

You can also practice this stretch while in bed. Physicians suggest that you should never push too hard. If you cannot tolerate the pain, use a pillow under your bended knees to find comfort and complete the twist.

Stretch your hamstring muscle groupThis muscles are located on the back of our thighs and are responsible for bending and flexing our knees. Treating them right, prevents and relieves lower back pain. Just sit on the floor with both legs straight in front of you and extend your arms reaching for your toes. Count to 30, relax in a natural position, and then repeat 3 times.

Alternate from cat to cow poseFor patients with back pain, doctors suggest the transition from a cat to cow yoga pose. It’s a great stretch for the hips and pelvis and the upper back and spine. Take a kneeling position on the mat, lift up your chest and tailbone toward the ceiling while inhaling, and press through the shoulder blades, drop your head and arch your back while exhaling. Move slowly between the 2 positions, breathing in and out, and repeat from 10 to 15 times.

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