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What Are The Effects of Hot Substance In Plastic Containers?


When hot substances are inside plastic containers ,the plastic containers releases certain chemical that are harmful to ones health.

Nowadays many items such as cups, spoons and plates are made up of plastics. When at home or office it's hard to make healthy decisions to whether to use plastics or not.

Using plastic cups has negative impact on your health. It can damage your kidney and liver.

Plastics cups are made up of Bisphenol A (BPA) and polypropylene. BPA polycarbonate is used in making bottles.

What are the side effects of using plastic cups?

When hot substance is poured in a plastic cup made of BPA the chemical turns hot as well, the chemical is then in turn released into the hot substance causing obesity and other health problems.

Also the BPA affects the reproductive health and the health of one's brain. It also triggers alpha cells that are responsible for insulin production.

When a woman is pregnant the BPA affects the the unborn baby directly.

BPA IN Plastics cups affect man's sperm production that bleads to infertility.

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