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5 Dangerous Effects Of Biting Your Fingernails

Eating finger nails is a common habit among many people. The behaviour mostly starts from the age of 4 to 6 years old, the more you do it is the more you become addicted to it. Here are some negative effects of biting finger nails;

1. There are a lot of germs under your nails

Your fingers touch many things, you may wash them but many germs hide under your nails. When you bite your nails, you eat those germs directly. You will be exposed to uncommon infections which you may never understand where they came from.

2. Increased risk of getting paronychia

Paronychia is an infection of the tissue adjacent to a nail. It's caused by injury or irritation, such as a hangnail or continually wet hands. When you bite your fingernails you increase your risk of getting this infection which can cause the area you bite to be filled with pus. If you continue to bite them, the infection can spread to the exposed parts.

3. You will have more hangnails or ingrown nails

The more you bite your nail, the more you'll bite off your fingers skin. A piece of torn skin at the root of your nail is a hangnail, a hangnail can be easily infected because it's an open sore. You can also develop nails which grow under your skin in your fingers. Ingrown nails can eventually lead to surgery.

4. Toxic poisoning

This is common in ladies. If you're a lady and you love gel polishes, then the best advice for you is to stop biting your nails, why? This is because gel polishes have plenty of chemicals which are very harmful to the body.

5. It's bad for your teeth

Regularly biting your teeth will make them to shift out of place, this will cause you to require braces or a retainer. Your tooth enamel is tampered with when you bite your nails, in addition to that, the bacteria that you eat while biting your teeth can infect your gums and when they are in your mouth for too long they will cause you to have bad breathe.

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