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Will Tanzanians Pray Their Way Out Of This Pandemic?

Tanzanians are no stranger to controversy and neither are they scared of the repercussions that come with it. In fact between 1905 to 1907 the leader of Maji-Maji rebellion, Kinjeketile Ngwale, told his people that the only way they would be sure of their safety during the colonial period would be if they sprinkled the magic water on themselves because they believed that the magic water would neutralize the German bullets only for majority of them to be gunned down mercilessly by the German colonial rulers.

IMAGE COURTESY: Maji-Maji revolt warriors of Tanzania.

Flash forward, there is an ongoing global pandemic and then there is also the current president John Magufuli who has refused to acknowledge any lethal consequences brought about by the virus.

According to him, this is some flu like disease that can be treated by drinking lemon water and moving on with your life.

Since April, Tanzanians have not released any figures of COVID-19 infection cases nor deaths despite speculations from activists within the country alleging that hospitals have been overwhelmed by the number if patients walking in with COVID-19 symptoms.

The media has also been censored by the current government and those who seem to flaunt the set rules of broadcasting are either being shut down or forced to stop airing the cases.

Social media has also seen most people arrested and charged or set to be charged with allegations mounting from spreading fake information or contravening laws set. And so now, no one really knows how many people are sick or dead in Tanzania.

A few weeks ago, President John Magufuli while addressing the nation described how his health administration set out to send samples of different things to the labs and was shocked that the samples came back positive.

IMAGE COURTESY: President of Tanzania John Magufuli.

The samples included a pawpaw, oil, goat and each sample was given a human name and a specific age group. However, the results were positive, inconclusive or negative. To this, the Tanzania’s leader alleged that the testing kits being used were fake to test COVID-19 were fake and could not be trusted.

But even before the testing, President Magufuli had brushed of this pandemic and asked his citizens to keep on working and attending church or mosque services as usual and without fear.

The first time they reported a case, they also reported two deaths. Then we saw a different shift with social distancing being recommended and people advised to use the mask.

However, while addressing the Tanzanian nation on Sunday, president Magufuli announced that he will be reopening schools once again and asked the Tanzanians to get back to the stadiums for the games because they are a form of entertainment.

Speaking while in a church service, the president explained how his own son also contracted Coronavirus but took lemon water and was cured. He reiterated his initial words that the country will still be there even when the pandemic ends.

With the World Health Organization (WHO) saying that this pandemic may be endemic, it will be fascinating to see how Tanzania moves past this period.

Borders are closing in on them for their failure to join global leaders in taking into consideration measures that help flatten the curve and prevent continuous spread of the virus.

While Tanzania may be considered a communist country, one thing has left most gullible and helpless people is when an individual in power uses religion to either make people do or not do something.

Pastors in Tanzania are now at the forefront in telling people that the only cure is from God and while that may be true, what is also true is gullible people not reconciling that revelation to their intellect.

IMAGE COURTESY: Congregants praying in a church in Tanzania.

The case is so dire that the US embassy in Tanzania directed the American citizens to register with the embassy and avoid movements and having people into their homes based on the situation in Tanzania. This measures also included the citizens registering with the embassy if they would like to be repatriated should a their country organize a flight for that.

While Kenya closed its border with Tanzania, majority of those testing positive at the border were Tanzanians who fail to get entry into the country based on their positive results.

However, there is a benefit of doubt that can be given to Tanzania’s president, with a background in Science, could he know something that other African leaders do not know where COVID-19 is concerned?

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