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Amos Wako Spills The Beans on What Private Hospitals Demand Before Treating Covid-19 Patients

Amos Wako has narrated his experience with Covid-19 during the national prayer day today in Parliament.

He has narrated what he went through having been infected with the deadly Covid-19 disease that is currently affecting millions of people all over the world.

Wako revealed to Kenyans what it means to test positive for Covid-19 and what it takes for a person to be treated.

Infact he says it is a luck for someone who is in ICU to recover from that deadly disease. Amos Wako also mentioned on the cost that private hospitals in Kenya are charging Covid-19 Patients. Hee says they demand payment of huge amout of money as deposits before even touching or even admitting a Covid-19 Patient.

He has revealed that some private hospitals charge to the tune of Ksh 350, 000 as a deposit before admitting any Covid-19 patient.

This amount is so much and it is only a deposit. Many kenyans fail to raise this amount and end up dying of Covid-19 without being treated.

Amos Wako says that his health Cover funds paid for his treatment cost and that is why he managed the treatment which costed him alot of money.

Wako has argued Kenyans to go for testing if they experience any signs of Covid-19 infection. He narrates hiw he ignored and ended up suffering of the infection.

What is your take?

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