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Return Of Masks? Medical Experts Explain Why There Is An Outbreak Of Flu Countrywide

Kenyans across the country have raised concerns over an increase in the number of flu and common cold with some already pressing the panic button and speculating of an outbreak of another deadly virus.

However medical experts have quickly moved to calm the fears and stated that for the past two years, the country has not experienced any flu season due to the containment measures set by the government to control Coronavirus.

Some people have been forced to restart wearing masks in public places with statistics indicating that close to 10,000 people have shown signs of flu which raises fears of some contracting both Covid-19 and flu, a combination known as flurona.

According to medical practitioners, there is no possibility of another pandemic outbreak in the country and explained that the flu might be caused by other viruses like influenza.

While speaking on Citizen TV, Dr. Ahmed Yakub Kelebi stated that the Covid-19 vaccine had shielded citizens from contracting the virus and since 80 percent of the people had been exposed to the virus, some had developed immunity and therefore the chances of another wave were minimal.

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