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Why Sleeping On Your Stomach Is Dangerous


 Many people always use varied sleeping positions and style, but the obvious sleeping position that is common to all is by sleeping on one's stomach. Yes, it provides some comfort to sleep on your belly but be oblivious of the dangers it may pose to your health. Meaning, you'll have to weigh which one to give priority between your health and your comfort. Obviously, your health carries the day so in this article I'll take you through the dangers of sleeping on your belly.

Squeezing of the chest cavity

Sleeping on your stomach exerts some pressure to the soft tissues lining the chest area. Out of fatigue, they may morph to form cysts or mastitis. Also, compression of the chest limits your breathing capability hence interfering with your oxygen intakes. This is characterised by having a general weak body in the morning if one slept on his belly throughout the night.

The backbone is affected

The backbone will suffer simply because it's not placed in its natural position. This sleeping position also exerts too much pressure on your back making it to feel achy at dawn.

The stomach is affected

This occurs due to the fact that stomach organs around the belly become squeezed. The squeezing effect will make such organs to stop functioning optimally. This situation may get out of hand if you always retire to bed on a full stomach. Once digestion starts on a full stomach, stomach acids like hydrochloric acid is usually produced in high quantities. The high levels of this acids can cause heart burn in case of refluxes, they can also cause ulcers.

Your face looses shape

Your face will start developing wrinkles and stretch marks. When you sleep supine or on your tummy, the face also faces downwards meaning it's pressed against the pillow. This reduces pressure on the skin which makes it to loose turgidity and over extended periods, wrinkles begin to appear. This kind of pressure on the skin also interferes with circulation of blood within the skin.

Backbone arteries are affected

The flow of blood to and from the brain is interrupted as this sleeping position constricts arteries surrounding the backbone This situation can be fatal to those with high cholesterol levels as the brain will be completely deprived of oxygen.

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