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COVID-19: The Dangers of Skipping the Second Dose of the Vaccines

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With the number of cases going down, some people may be lured to ignore the second dose. But not going for the second dose may expose you to more risks. 

There have been reports that many people are skipping their second doses of the COVID-19 vaccines. Though people are doing this, it can come with several risks such as severe disease and deaths. The vaccines are meant to reduce the chances of catching the disease and lowering its dangers when you catch it. 

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According to the American Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), skipping the second doses can badly expose one to more dangers as people can assume they have false protection. Failure to take the second shots for vaccines that are administered in two doses can lead to emergence of more stubborn mutations like the Delta variant. 

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Those who skip the second doses can catch the virus and spread it to those whose immunity are compromised. The Delta strain can ravage those who have skipped their second doses as it is highly contagious and transmissible. Once you have caught the deadly strain, it can also put you down with severe illness as your immunity won’t be that strong. 

It is recommended that people get their second shots to reduce the number of new cases and deaths that are likely to arise from COVID-19. CDC states that if people continue to skip the second shots then the cases can start going up in the next six months killing more people. 

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