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The Following Things Damage Your Bring Stop Doing Them

Keeping your brain healthy is just like keeping other parts of the body healthy. The brain is as important as the other parts of the body. Below are some of the things you should do to keep your brain healthy.

1) Lack of Enough sleep.

It is advisable that a person should atleast sleep for 6-8 hours so that the brain can have time to rest. The part of the brain that is affected due to lack of sleep is called hippocampus.

2) Eating of Sugary foods.

Excessive intake of Sugary foods can can malnutrition to the body. The body lacks enough nutrients in the blood thereby causing lack of nutrients to the brain.

3) Listening to loud music through the headphones or earphones.

The same can damage the hearing ability permanently. The same information can also cause the brain to loss memory and also it can damage the brain tissue.


Smoking contains nicotine that do shrink the brain and if it is prolonged it can cause Alzheimer's disease.

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