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GOOD food for women to eat easing their menstrual cycle pain

I've always never had enough fathoms of God's creation. Like who adviced Him? From whose classroom did He went! Indeed, Allah is great. The God of heaven is God by Himself. His creations are truly wonderful.

Come to think of our topic today. Women. Very complex organisms. Among the reasons includea their adolescence changes. The begin to have menstrual cycle between age 12 -49 years. A cycle that's painful. So imagine from a normal life to boom another life of pain and strange changes.

During these periods, a woman experience some bloating, abdominal pain, nausea, emotional imbalance. This is course by changes of hormones in the body. And also old unfertilized eggs are excreted. That's why this cycle is always accompanied by traces of blood.

Since a life time punishment, and Can get you anywhere any time, bellow are the best foods to eat to ease the changes and make you comfortable. 2022 is the year to learn.

1. Iron-rich foods.

As shown by the photo above, consume foods enrich with irons. These includes vegetables, meat, spinach etc. Because alot of blood are lost during the cycle making you weak. But if you've enough iron in the body,thank God you'll get over fast.

2. berries.

Berries are good natural antioxidant. It releaves of pain very fast. Both Black and red berries are also good in vitamins and minerals salts supliments helping on hormonal balance.

3. Legumes

Sweet and readily available food. Includes beans, peas, carrots, chills and cucumbers etc

4. Ginger.

This is the best Anti-inflammatory. Helps in easing bloating, nausea and vomiting. Either taking ginger powder as tea or mixture in foods. Is ok.

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