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Did you know cervical cancer is the most silent killer in the female population?

Here are the tips to avoid being one among many

Risk factors

This are what you should avoid:

1.Dietary deficiency of vitamin A,C,E.


3.Medications such as steroids.

4.Multiple sexual partners.

5.Co- infections such as gonorrhea,syphilis

6.Early coitarche

How to prevent being at risk of cervical cancer.

_Yearly cervical screening .This will enable you to know you status.

_Avoiding cigarette smoking .

_Eating healthy foods mostly greens .This boost the immunity and improve blood supply

_Avoiding multiple sexual partners also reduces the risk.

_Cautious use of steroids ,only use when indicated by a doctor.

_Early visit to nearby facility when having recurrent vaginal infections.

_It is also good to exercise and avoid large fats intake. Exercise help to reduce fats and strengthen cervical muscles.

_Education to the next generation will also help female gender being at risk.

_ Lastly and most important is having vaccination against virus causing cervical cancer at early age.

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