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If You Like Eating Chips, This Message is For You

Chips are inexpensive, tasty and easily afforded by commodities of people.The toll that chips take to your body may not be worth the pleasure you get.The real problem with chips is when you consume them on daily basis or choose them over healthier options.

Weight Gain

Chips are typically high in calories and fats, which can raise high chances of gaining weight easily and become obese.Being overweight and obese causes the high risks of diabetes, heart disease and some form of cancer.

Low Nutrition

Chips are typically low in vitamins and minerals and aslo they tend to misplace other good nutrients in the body.Eating healthy snacks can help your body have a low nutrition.So if you opt to eat chips instead of healthy snacks, you won't get high nutrition density.

High Cholesterol

Frequent consumption of chips can increase high chances of cholesterol because of the amount of fats found in the addition to that are the oil used to cook chips is saturated fats which can raise high chances oc cholesterol levels.High levels of trans fat in the diet are correlated to high levels in the blood.

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Low Nutrition


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