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'Ni Mrembo' Glowing Photos Of Doreen Morachi Living with HIV and AIDS.

Many diseases have come into the world and we know that they are harmful. Scientists are always in the laboratory looking for medicines for the different illness. These diseases are affecting all people, they have made life to be short as compared to the past when there were no diseases.

Doreen Morachi is our queen, the one who has come out boldly and showed the world that people with HIV can still live better lives and even more healthier. Doreen is a fighter she is a stigma warrior who is destined for greatness. She is giving hopes to so many people not only in Kenya but worldwide. Doreen is making the world to be a better place for people living with HIV. She is encouraging us that there life after HIV. We all know that many HIV victims cannot even tell how they got the disease. If you are not infected always remember you are affected.

Have a look at her photos, where she is living as a babe boss and really enjoying life. To all the discouraged people look at Doreen and have hope. We wish her well, keep glowing girl.

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