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New Toxic Disease, Take Note, Warning Signs Of Toxic Hepatitis: 10 Symptoms You Shouldn't Avoid

Toxic Hepatitis is an inflammation of your liver due to exposure to certain substances.

The liver purifies virtually everything you consume, encompassing chemicals, drugs, and liquor, these elements or substances may induce severe damage to the liver consequently resulting in toxic hepatitis.

After exposure, it takes close to an hour or days for the disease to manifest. In other instances, it may require months of frequent usage of these substances before signs and indications occur.

Causes of Toxic Hepatitis

1. Excess intake of alcoholic beverages can lead to serious liver damage. However, the degree of injury differs among individuals who drink to excess. Certain groups of people may get acute liver failure from heavy drinking whereas others may acquire progressive liver conditions from it.

2. It' s highly possible for drugs or medications to cause liver toxicity. The majority of related cases are mild and could only be confirmed through blood tests. The reduction or discontinuation of drug usage can aid in eliminating the condition.

In unique cases, however, some patients get idiosyncratic responses to medications, resulting in enormous damage of liver cells and quickly developing liver failure.

Patients suffering from a serious idiosyncratic drug reaction must quit their drug usage instantly.

3. Some Herbs and Nutritional supplements are known to cause serious toxic hepatitis. The former is mostly used by Ghanaians as a treatment for certain diseases whereas the latter is used for bodybuilding or dietary replacements.

Researches have proven that some herbs and nutritional supplements are laced with steroids or antibiotics.

People with liver infections should avoid the use of herbs or nutritional supplements without the consent of their doctor.

Symptoms or Warning Signs

Symptoms of toxic hepatitis may go undetected when they occur in a mild form. Detection can be established only through a blood test. In cases whereby signs and symptoms of toxic hepatitis show, they may comprise of the following;

1. The whites of the eyes and the skin turning yellow also known as Jaundice.

2. Itching all over the body

3. Abdominal pain or discomfort in the upper right part of the abdomen.

4. No appetite

5. Nauseousness and puking

6. Feeling feverish

7. Rash

8. Loss of weight

9. Dark- colored urine

10. Fatigue

Note: Warnings may be identical to that of other liver diseases.

In long- term instances of toxic hepatitis, huge liver damage, such as irreversible scarring of the liver may arise. The patient may also cultivate serious liver failure, which could be fatal.

Visit a hospital near you for diagnosis once you detect one or more of these symptoms.

Treatment of Toxic Hepatitis

The most productive treatment for toxic hepatitis is to prevent extra exposure to the chemical or drug that resulted in its occurrence:

1. Stop using any medications, vitamins, minerals, or nutritional supplements that will lead you to acquire toxic hepatitis.

2. If your workplace exposes you to toxic solvents or chemicals, you will have to avoid or limit the exposure. Switching duties or possibly quitting your job should be highly considered once you develop toxic hepatitis i. e after getting exposed to harmful chemicals.

3. Do not drink alcohol or use recreational drugs.

4. Take prescription of medications as directed by a doctor or pharmacist. Avoid taking more than the directed dose.

Toxic hepatitis can be life- threatening therefore it is a must to avoid the aforementioned causes to prevent it from occurring entirely. Remember, your health matters.

Below is a patient with chronic toxic hepatitis

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