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Opinion: Mental Health Issues and How to Deal with Bullies Who Do Not Understand the Pain of the Afflicted

I am happy that currently, mental health is a topic of discussion as not many people have been keen to talk about it before.

Mental awareness is on everyone’s lips as people are more conscious of how this disorder is affecting families and is still a very hard topic to talk about.

Many people have been suffering silently due to mental illness but are now finding a voice. Mental illness is a health conditions which affects one’s emotions, thinking, behaviour or a combination of all these. 

Mental illnesses usually results in the afflicted experiencing problems functioning normally in the society.

Even though mental illness is not anything new in our society, it is shrugged upon and looked at very negatively.

Recently celebrities have started coming out about their mental health issues and they have started speaking candidly about how they are dealing with their day to fay lives in spite this affliction.

Naomi Osaka for example is a tennis star who has owned up to needing time off so as to improve her mental health and locally we have Dennis Ombachi a rugby star who managed to open up on twitter admitting to suffering from mental problems which came as a surprise to very many.

The space which has been opened will allow for others to come out and share their experiences but more support is needed to help the afflicted get better.This problem cannot be silenced any more.

This morning I came upon a very interesting conversation after someone talked rather unwisely about the mental anguish Naomi Osaka had been facing and decided to bow out of the US Open Championship because of this.

This unwise person's embarrassing misunderstanding of the mental health problems was corrected by Marcus Olang who proceeded to open up on his own experience with mental health issues and how those who who do not understand should learn better instead of being bullies and talking oll of the afflicted .

To anyone suffering silently, use this conversation thread below to give you strength to open up and beat the discrimination people with mental issues face.

The conversation starts as a reply to a n bad comment which had been left by one Aleckie Ronald as shown below.

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