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Changes that will occur on your body if you consume honey daily

Clear skin

Honey is an excellent antioxidant which means, its regular consumption will cleanse your body of various toxins. Also it's antibacterial properties will considerably improve the condition of your skin. You could take honey once a day to make your skin glow or apply externally.

Loss of excess weight

This is one of the main health benefits of honey. Sugar present in honey has a different composition from that found on other sweeteners. Honey boosts your metabolic which is essential for weight lose. Honey also contains minerals and vitamins beneficial for your body.

Lowered cholesterol levels

Cholesterol is extremely important for the function of our bodies at the same time can cause heart disease. Honey constitutes components and vitamins contributing to decreased levels of bad cholesterol. Daily consumption of honey has a beneficial effect on the level of antioxidant compound in the body, that can fight excess cholesterol.

Stronger heart

The antioxidant contained in honey can prevent arteries from narrowing. Narrowing of arteries can lead to cardiac failure, mental retardation and headache.

Better memory

Honey can fight stress, restore the cellular antioxidant defense system and as a consequence improve memory. The calcium contained in honey is easily ingested by the brain which has a beneficial benefit on its functioning. Honey lowers the chance of having dementia.

Sounder sleep

Sugar contained in honey increases the level of insulin in blood which in turn releases serotonin, which is further transformed into melatonin. A hormone that promotes quality sleep.

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