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Fruits and Vegetables are Now Coursing More Harm than Good to Consumers

Traditionally, fruits and vegetables were know to be rich in vitamins and to be the main boosters of the body's immune system. Growing up from our childhood, at home, in schools and in hospitals, we were constantly being advised to take fruits and veges regularly in order to strengthen our immune systems and to heal faster from injuries. However, toady, many fruits are no longer safe for human consumption as they used to be.

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Modern shortcuts of producing fruits and vegetables have reduced chances of them boosting our immune system. The shortcuts have instead increased chances of of groceries creating new infections. Over the past few years we've watched news of fruits being injected with chemicals to facilitate ripening while vegetables being sprayed with chemicals to make them more leafy and attractive. These chemicals have instead brought about more harm than good by pilling up to already indefinite number of existing human infections.

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Chemicals used in these fruits and vegetables have made many individuals lose trust with them, not unless they get them from traditional farms that they trust. Unfortunately, the rise of chemically or rather genetically modified fruits and vegetables has lead to increased prices of traditional fruits, making them unaffordable to many consumers. Consumers who can't afford to get to farms for traditional fruits and veges have found it rough trying to acertain authenticity of certain fruits and vegetables.

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For instance, in Nairobi, there have been rumours that authentic ripe bananas must have black spots on it. If it doesn't have then the ripening has been chemically initiated. This has also brought about losses on the side of vendors who have had a hard time trying to convince consumers otherwise.

Traditionally, eating Fruits could at least assure you of some prolonged life. These days, eating certain fruits instead shortens your life expectancy. Most chemicals used in these fruits and vegetables are cancerous. This even explains the rise in number of cancer cases in the recent past. Fruits have become more life threatening than life promising. Generally, modern methods of producing foodstuffs have been one of the reasons behind increased number of infections.

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