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Health Benefits of Farting

Farting is something that comes out naturally. It is also one of the most healthy functions of the human body. Farting comes along with health benefits that few people know about. To some, it is an embarrassing act and most people would prefer holding on to it even when pressed until they have their own space which is good manners as well. Here are the health benefits of farting.

1.Farting identifies food allergies

Food allergies are those foods with negative reactions towards our bodies. There are foods that after consuming them you experience bloating, gas or even diarrhea. If you realize that you fart a lot after taking some foods then you might allergic

2.It tells that you have taken balanced diet

Remember a balance diet contains proteins, fruits, vegetables and are known to cause gas. If you produce gas through farting then it tells that you have taken a balanced diet.

3.Farting Reduces Pain/Bloating

There are times when stomach is so congested and full of gas. The feeling makes one uncomfortable even though it is not dangerous. Releasing the gas through farting reduced pain and bloating leaving one's stomach free.

4.Farting acts as a warning

An average person os supposed to fart about fourteen to twenty five times a day. However much healthy the process is, too much of it is worrying. If you release the gas more than 25times a day or realize that the smell is wierd then you can easily tell if you have stomach problems or food poisoning.

5.Farting improves the health of the colon

If one holds onto gas for too long the colon will be irritated and incase you have hemorrhoids then they will be irritated too. It is much healthier when you release the gas through farting than holding in to it.

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