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Weight Lose

Do You Wonder Why you are Not Losing Weight Despite Dieting and Exercising?

Weight lose as become a big deal to many who feel that they weigh much more than they should.

However, weight lose is such a struggle for many, here are the reason as to why you are not losing weight;1

You are eating too little - your body has an instinct of protecting itself. When it's not given enough amount of food, it will automatically go to starvation mode causing metabolism to slow down and the body to hoard fat and calories. Therefore, it will be hard do lose weight.

2 You maybe eating more than you think - eating chunky snacks will incorporate more calories to the body and therefore, losing weight will be difficult.

3 You could be making bad food choices - while shopping be aware of the fat content and amount of calories in foods that you buy. Don't be fooled by labels"low fat" labels, others contain much more fat than you think.

4 You are not sleeping enough - sleep =repair. When your body gets enough rest, it's able to perform.

5 You are not active enough - make exercise a daily part of your life to increase your metabolism. It can be a simple exercise like taking the stairs.

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