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Why You Should Not Sleep Next To Your Cell Phone

Sleeping in bed next to your cell phone can have several adverse effects. Some of the cases have been witnessed with their catastrophic results and this results due to lack of knowledge among people.It is advisable to place the phone several feet away from the bed or switch it off.The dire effects include:

Mobile phones emit radiation due to transmission signals.The emitted radiation put your health at risk.It can cause migraines,muscle pains as well.The waves produced are carcinogenic as well and they elevate risks of developing certain type of cancers.The waves have also been associated with sterility and reduced sperm quality in men.

Sleeping next to the phone can also hinder one from falling asleep.Cell phones gives off blue light which impedes production of Melatonin hormone by the pineal gland,the sleep hormone, which regulates the circadian rhythm.This disrupts its function.It is so because the blue light emits wavelength similar to daylight.It can also damage the brain and lead to nightmares and walking up several times at night.

Many people like keeping their phones under their pillows so as to access it if it rings but this isn't safe since the phone can set the pillow into fire.Many devices usually display a warning once place under the pillow and it's wise to adhere to it and either keep it some distance away or switch it off. You can raise your concern about the matter at hand.

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