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Larry Madowo Recalls His Uncle Who Succumbed to COVID-19 as His Grandmother Remains on Ventilator

Celebrated journalist Larry Madowo has revealed that his anxiety is getting near breaking point because of his grandmother who has been on a ventilator for four weeks.

Madowo has today published a detailed article on CNN titled "My uncle died of Covid-19 before he could get a vaccine in Kenya, and I got mine in a US drugstore. This is what vaccine inequality looks like" as he tried to break down the big issue of developed countries hoarding the highly needed COVID-19 vaccines.

Larry said his uncle called Justus died because he had not given the COVID-19 jab in Kenya due to its unavailability.

A patient on a ventilator

He believes if his uncle was in the United States where jabs are really available for one in need, he would have survived the deadly COVID-19.

He also noted he lost more relatives to the pandemic, but he even never got a chance to attend their burial back in the village.

"Justus was buried within 48 hours as the Kenyan government requires. He was the third family member who had died in the pandemic that I didn't get a chance to mourn properly or see laid to rest.

Larry is raising concerns for the whole world to know that the effects of not letting others get the vaccine, particularly those living in Africa.

He noted how Intensive Care Units (ICU) in Uganda were packed to capacity with COVID-19 patients when he was filming in the city of Kampala.

He talks about the situation in South Sudan where the vaccination program has stopped because the country is not even sure of when the jab will arrive again.

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