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Please Remove These Three Items From your Kitchen to Reduce Chances of Getting Cancer in Your Family

Cancer is one of the killer disease not just in Africa but also in so many parts of the world. There are so many types of cancer depending with where it start developing. On the other hand different types of cancer are caused by different things. Research show that mostly when cancer is developing one never experience any pain. This is the reason why sometimes when come to realize it when it is so late.Sometimes we end up putting our bodies at a high risk of getting cancer when we don't even know it. Sometimes we end up consuming some ingredients that have so mach effect on your bodies and can really lead to cancer. There are three items that may be increasing the chances of getting cancer in your family.

1.Plastic cutting boards. What really happens is that any time you are using this board, you end up slicing small particles of plastics which later end up in food. When you consume this plastic particles sometime they get stuck in the body and can lead to cancer.

2.Plastic serving spoon. Some families usually use plastic serving spoon to serve hot food. When the food is hot and you are using a plastic riddle to handle it, some plastic material end up in your food.

3.Plastic dishes and cups. Anytime you end up using a plastic dish to carry or consume hot food, always know that you have consumed some plastic materials that are not so healthy to your body. If you have to use there plastic materials, make sure you only handle cold foods or drinks.

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