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Keeping Onions in Your Socks Overnight Could Help in Many Ways. Check the Reasons why and why not

Onions are well known as flavour boosters to your delicacies. They are often used to cook. It is among the most used vegetable. Apart from cooking, onions have several other uses. However, with several discoveries developing, myths develop too. Not everything you hear about onions is true. You are recommended to keep an onion under your socks overnight. This practice is good for your health but it will not treat cancer or covid 19.

Keeping an onion in socks will help eliminate the bad smell from your foot. Keeping sliced onions on your foot for the whole night can also help to treat a cold or flu. When you sleep with sliced onions in your socks, these two results may be achieved, this is a naked truth about onions.

Can doing the same treat cancer or covid 19? No. This is a lie. If you are doing such therapies thinking that you are treating cancer then you are misled. False claims have been made that doing so may cure malaria, which is false. Health professionals have dismissed the claim teaming it false and lacking a medical basis. There is also no scientific evidence to prove the same.

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