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Ladies; Never Ignore These Warning Signs During Your Period

Menstruation is a key indicator of overall health in women. A healthy woman will have a 28-day menstrual cycle with heavy bleeding the first three days, lighter bleeding the fourth and fifth, and no bleeding at all on the sixth day.

It can last up to a week for some women. This is what happens during a healthy menstrual cycle. Bleeding of an abnormal color, an abnormally large amount of blood loss, or an abnormally long gap between periods are all indicators of a possible health problem. During your period, keep an eye out for these major warning signs.

A sign that endometriosis tissue in the uterus is being dissolved into the blood is heavier, more consistent bleeding during periods. A visit to the doctor is required immediately. Medication is an easy solution to this issue. A biopsy is an option for doctors to determine the extent of a disease before prescribing any more medication.

Periods may suddenly stop occurring for no apparent reason in some women. After a certain amount of time, they may begin to experience menstruation. Secondary Amenorrhea is the medical term for this condition. An imbalance in hormones may be to blame. These women need to get tested for hormones before any further treatment can be considered. Some females may have had fully developed uteri from birth.


Menstruation can cause severe discomfort for some women. Fibroid tumors may be a significant contributor to chronic pain. This issue may cause menstruation cycles to shorten to 20 days from the typical 28. Increases in the size of fibroid tumors are associated with an increased risk of excessive bleeding. As a solution, having the fibroids surgically removed is recommended.


It is possible for a urine test to confirm pregnancy for some women, but for others, bleeding may begin gradually after a few days. When this occurs, a scan is required to determine whether the fetus is still alive or has disintegrated. In addition, the next time around, these women need to be under close medical supervision. If the fetus has already aborted, then it is important to determine why that happened and treat that condition accordingly.

How about that odor?

Take Extra Care. Some women may experience an unpleasant odor in conjunction with menstrual bleeding. We can't just brush this off like it doesn't matter. It needs to be brought to the doctor's attention so that he or she can treat it. Endometriosis cancer patients are vulnerable to this complication. These individuals will experience period cycles of 15–20 days in frequency. As a result, anemia may develop.

Painful bruising or bleeding after sex.

Some women bleed after having sexual relations. This could be an indication of cancer or an infection. Seek medical attention right away and conduct the necessary tests to determine the root cause.

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