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How To Use Surgical Spirit, Lemon And Baking Soda To Treat And Deal With Smelly Feet

Bromodosis is the medical term for smelly feet. Smelly feet often results from an infection following accumulation of sweat. Sweat itself is odorless, but it creates an environment where bacteria can grow and produce bad smelling substances.

Causes of Bromodosis

1) Excessive sweating : If the sweat produced by your feet is retained in shoes and socks, it can encourage the growth of bacteria and fungi which can lead to athletes foot disease

2) Infrequent washing of the feet and not changing socks at least once a day can allow bacteria to thrive, contributing to foot odour.

3) wearing tight shoes that are not well ventilated which provides a conducive environment for bacterial multiplication.

4) Fungal disease eg athletes foot disease

Home remedies for Bromodosis

1) Lemon juice:

How to use

Take half cup of fresh lemon juice and dissolve it in three litres of warm water. Soak your feet in this solution for 15 to 20 minutes, then wash off with water and pat them dry. Doing this every day will keep smelly feet at bay.

Citric acid present in lemon juice kills the bacteria and reduces foot odour. It also contains astringent properties that will shrink your skin pores and help deal with excess sweating.

2) Use Baking soda:

How to use

Mix one-third cup of baking soda in three litres of water. Soak your feet in this solution for 15 to 20 minutes. Pat dry with a clean towel. Repeat this continuously until the smelly odour goes ways

Baking soda neutralises stubborn acidic odours and thus eliminates the bacteria that cause odour in feet.

3) use of surgical spirit

How to use

Pour some spirit on cotton balls and dab them between your toes. You can also dip your feet in a basin containing surgical spirit

Surgical spirit helps keep the skin between the toes really sweat-free and stink-free

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