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Foamy Urine? Here are Symptoms You Must Pay Attention to

Kidney disease is among complications that can result in death if not detected earlier. Have you ever seen somebody with kidney disease? If you have, probably you know what I mean. I hope you know that kidney is like a machine that helps in the removal of excessive waste products from our body. What will happen if kidneys die? There will be the formation of toxic products in your body which may lead to multiple organ failures.

Let's now talk about foamy urine. This always comes as a result of urine which comes out as a result of kidney diseases or when urine comes out in the fast stream.

However, sometimes you may have foamy urine due to intake of specific fluid or food but sometimes may be a disease that is setting in without you being aware. You should always observe the color of your urine before moving out of your latrine.

Let now discuss the causes of foamy urine.

Various medical conditions that may cause the formation of foamy urine includes;

Diabetes. The formation of foamy urine may be a result of chronic illness in your body without you being aware. Diabetes can impair your kidney tubules causing filtration of proteins into your urine causing foamy urine.

Kidney diseases. Also, various kidney diseases which might result in inflammation can cause underlying kidney tissues to be impaired causing proteins to leak and finally the formation of foamy urine. It is good to go for a medical check-up if you experience this frequently.

Dehydration. Sometimes concentrated urine may come out and results in the formation of foamy urine. This can be due to a lack of adequate intake of enough fluid. To get rid of this ensure intake of at least 8 glasses of water per day.

Also if you rush to the latrine and release a lot of urine at once and forcefully can result in foamy urine. This should not worry you since is a normal process.

The presence of soapy products in the toilet can also cause the formation of foamy urine after urination. However, you should be careful since it might be signs of kidney disease at earlier stages.

Always we should check our urine color before stepping out of the toilet. Normal urine must be clear and transparent and sometimes may appear yellowish. If it deviates from this seek medical advice immediately.

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Foamy Urine


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