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What are the Benefits of Tae Bo?

Weight Loss

Due to the high-energy aerobic nature of Tae Bo, the exercise program will burn calories during the routine, which should translate into weight loss if a healthy low-calorie diet is maintained. In a study conducted by the American Council on Exercise, it's estimated that an average person burns 350 to 450 calories per hour in a kickboxing class such as Tae Bo.

Self Defense

The kicking and punching done during a Tae Bo workout leads to a better grasp of self-defense methods. It's important to note that Tae Bo is not a self-defense course and you should not attempt to use the techniques outside of your workout. Blanks says he hopes Tae Bo users are never put in a spot where they will need self-defense training, but believes that Tae Bo may give them confidence in a dangerous situation. If you are interested in self-defense, seek out a professional who is qualified to teach the appropriate techniques.

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