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2 Reasons why women live longer than men.

Lifestyle factors.

Men tend to be more more competitive and engage in more risky behaviours which may lead to higher stress levels and mortality. Men are also more likely to take more risky jobs which may contribute to early demise. Also, higher rates of smoking and alcohol consumption in men particularly those on their 40s, subjects them to a higher risk of getting stroke, hypertension and heart disease. In terms of eating pattern, men generally prefer red meat and tend to eat less vegetables and fibre. This habit of eating alot of red meat has been linked to high cholesterol, heart disease and even cancer.

Women have estrogen in their corner.

Other than maintaining female sexual organs, estrogen helps in blood clotting, increases the level of good cholesterol and maintains gastrointestinal tract. Estrogen has antioxidant properties and helps delay the decrease of skin collagen in women as they grow older. Scientists believe that because of estrogen's protective effect, premenopausal women are less likely to have coronary heart disease than men.

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