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Why You Should Definitely Incorporate Njahi Into Your Diet

Black beans are incredibly healthy; providing multiple essential nutrients.

Blacks beans are nutritionally powerful as they are full of protein, antioxidants,fiber and carbohydrates.

The amazing health benefits for black beans are:-

Regulate The Blood Sugar

Black beans usually don't cause a spike in the blood sugar.Studies conducted have found that people who consume black beans tend to have lower blood sugar levels.

People who have diabetes are advised to consume black beans to improve their blood sugar control and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Prevent Cancer

Research conducted has shown that a diet that is rich in black beans aids in reducing one's risk of certain cancers such as those of the colon,kidney and stomach.

Good For Eye Health

Black beans contain antioxidants that assist in protecting your eyes against age related macular degeneration and cataracts.

Black beans are also very high in vitamin C that has been found to reduce one's risk of cataracts.For people who already have the cataracts,vitamin C slows down their growth and delays their need for surgery.

Good For Heart Health

Studies conducted have shown that eating black beans works in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol.In turn,this reduces one's risk of developing heart diseases.

Weight Control

Studies conducted have found that people who regularly eat black beans weigh less and have smaller waist.

It is believed that these particular effects come from black beans' high levels of fiber , slow-digesting carbohydrates and proteins.

These nutrients all assist your body to feel fuller for longer and absorb nutrients better.

Please Note:-

•Black beans can really be high in carbohydrates;which makes them not ideal for people who are following a low-carb diet.

•Black beans contain compounds that are difficult to digest that could cause gas and intestinal discomfort if eaten in large amounts.


In order to benefits from all the benefits of black beans,rinse them thoroughly with cold water and soak them before boiling them.Soaking them is an important step that helps in preventing intestinal gas.

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