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Why You Should Avoid These 6 Healthy Types Of Food Especially When In Excess And Their Effects

1. Bananas

We all love bananas and especially the ripe ones and they are absolutely healthy for any human being. The sugar that is found is more natural so that makes it healthier than normal sugar which has been processed. The only caution about excessive consumption of banana is that it may have its effects on the teeth of a person.

Bananas also contains a chemical called tyramine which may trigger mild headaches and this only happens when eaten in excess. Dieticians have advise that two bananas a day is enough to get you going.

2. Blueberries

Blueberry is another type of food whose consumption should limited to help avert some health complications. When Consumed in excess, they can lower the glucose in the blood which can as a result lead to diabetic infections. Also doctors advice that when you are in medication, you should avoid them because they tend to interfere with the blood levels since they are a rich source of vitamin k.

3. Broccoli

This particular type of food contains what we call thiocyanates that help in the formation of thyroid hormones. When Consumed in excess, it will definitely lead to excessive formation of the hormone which may sometimes cause hair loss and a bloating face. It may also cause skin rashes and itching of the skin. You should minimize its consumption and atleast one or two cups within a day is enough.

4. Rice

This is a very common dish in many homes but like the others in this list, its consumption should be minimized and shouldn't be consumed in excess. Rice when consumed in excess causes a rice in insulin levels in the body. We know the effect of excess insulin in the body may disturb the brain which affects the mental performance of an individual.

5. Cheese

Excessive consumption of cheese may bring a lot of effect on the heart of a person. The high contest of fat in cheese is the main cause of this. Cheese is also associated with excessive heart burn.

6. Oats

Excessive consumption of lowers the rate of absorption of minerals like magnesium, calcium and zinc. In most cases, it also leads to constipation and other digestion problem. It also causes excessive weight gain and that is why its consumption should be controlled.

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