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Do this Immediately After Getting Your Vaccine

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Whether you have already got vaccinated or are preparing for your jab, you must have learnt that there is a single side effect you are almost assured to undergo: pain at the injection spot. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is something 60 percent of AstraZeneca recipients, 64 percent of those who have received Pfizer, 82 percent of those who have received Moderna, and 48 percent of Johnson and Johnson recipients all undergo. Though this side effect is expected, it is not in any way less painful. 

Experts say there is only one way to ease this side effect. 

You should swing your arm in a circle after getting your vaccine

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There is a new thing in the U.S. on TikTok where individuals who have received their COVID-19 shots film themselves swinging their arms. This is done with the hopes of reducing or preventing arm pain. According to the American Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), what they are doing unknowingly is increasing blood supply to the arm that has received the shot. The WHO says that the arm becomes sore since the vaccine is shot into the arm muscles and not bloodstream. This makes the immune system to target inflammation in the muscle area. Moving the arm in a circle promotes the arm’s blood flow. The flow diffuses the vaccine away from the injected site and allows the immune system to start targeting other body parts. 

It is more effective if you swing your arm immediately after your vaccination

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It is not guaranteed that you will prevent all the pain from happening by arm swinging. However, swinging it immediately and consistently after your shot is likely to take away some pain. Experts recommend that you should move your arm as soon as you are released after your vaccine. Dispersing the vaccine sooner will reduce pain and soreness, do not wait to work out the arm when you reach home. 

Simply massaging your arm is not likely to yield the same results

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Massaging the injected area will not increase blood flow and disperse the vaccine. 

If the side effects get worse after some days, seek medical attention. 

Content created and supplied by: OpijaRaduk (via Opera News )

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