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13 Warning Signs of Breast Cancer in Women

One of the most common signs of breast cancer is a lump in the breast that is painless and normally indicates a tumor but unless a test is done on a patient,it is difficult to notice because it comes as a small tumor making it hard for most women to show the signs.

An x-ray test called mammogram is normally done to detect a breast cancer when it is still at its early stages before it starts showing the symptoms but it can't detect all the cases of breast cancer that is why doctors advice patients to pay attention to their bodies and report every single change they notice on their breasts


Below are some of the signs of breast cancer;

• Swelling in one or on both breasts

• When the breast changes skin colour

• Abnormal discharge on the Nipples that is not milk

• Uncontrollable pain on both breasts

• Lumps or tumor from inside the breast

• Increase in breast size

• Itchy breast

• Redness on the skin of the breast

• Nipple turning inward

• Thickened nipple

• Heaviness in one or both breasts

• Loss of appetite

• Veins on the breasts

Everyone is therefore advised to seek medical attention immediately you notice the above changes so as to make it easy for treatment and better diagnosis.

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