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Be Careful Alcohol And Tobacco Leads To Xerostomia, Follow These Steps To Prevent This Problem

Good health should be consired a blessing as its vital to our progress economically, socially and spiritual aspect. With bad health, it becomes difficult for individuals to achieve their dreams thats why you should guard your health jelously.

Doctors usually say even the smallest details related to health could seem 'harmless' but can land us in medical problems.Xerostomia which is a clinical term for dry mouth is a common oral health problem.

Xerostomia is widely ignored disease in which the salivary glands cannot make enough saliva to make your mouth wet, causing individual to have dry cracked mouth.

Although it may not be a direct disease to the salivary glands, Xerostomia is related to long time use of over counter drugs e.g anti-depressants and blood pressure medications. Aging, cancer therapy especially radiation of the head and neck are other causes.

Tobacco smoking and Alcohol intake depletes the saliva concentration in your mouth causing dry mouth.If left un treated, xerostomia can cause several complications which can cause severe general health problems. They include:

Increased dental plague deposited on the enamel (white part of the tooth), gum disease and tooth decay. Others include; soars in the mouth, oral thrush and soars at the corners of the mouth.

As usually said, all problems have a solution. To prevent or restore adequate saliva production and keep your mouth wet you need to:

#1.Chew sugar free gum. Chewing the gum will mimic eating food causing the salivary glands to be stimulated to produce more saliva.

#2.Drink plenty amount of water. Proper hydration with at least 8 classes of water will help replenish the moisture lost while speaking.

#3. Avoid breathing through your mouth. To prevent evaporation of moisture via gaseous exchange, you need to use the nose while breathing.

#4.Avoid caffein tobacco smoking and Alcohol consumption. This substances dries up the tissues of the mocous membranes in the mouth.

#5. Avoid spicy and sugary food. Sugary food exerts osmotic effect on the cells of the mucousal tissues, draw moisture and cause your mouth to dry.

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