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Anti Covid Vaccine Singer Dies After Contracting Covid-19

There is no doubt that Covid has become a menace to the world, bringing with it a forceful Change on the economy, social security and air travel. As of 21st January 2022, there have been a total of 343,572,515 reported Coronavirus Cases, 5,595,283 reported Deaths and 275,143,051 reported Recoveries.

Czech Republic with a population of 10,739,811 has a case load of 2,705,754 with 26,907 new cases. The country has also recorded 11 new deaths, 216,630 active cases and 132 new recoveries.

A folk artiste in Czech Republic who seemed to be opposed on Covid vaccinations has been reported dead after supposedly contracting the virus.

According to Citizen Digital, the Mother was adamant on getting the Covid-19 jab let alone the existence of the covid virus. Her son Rex also reiterated that himself together with their father have received the covid Vaccine while claiming that the death of her mother is due to the misinformation she gannered from her social circle.

Therefore, what do you think the government's and the world at large should enforce in order to promote a healthy lifestyle amidst the surging cases of Covid-19? Leave a comment, let's keep the discussion going.

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