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Things That Every Lady Should Know About Their Periods

According to KFR magazine, on average a woman menstruates for about 7 years during their lifetime. Most girls start their periods when they are about 12, but they can as early as 8. Periods affect how a lady sound and smell due to hormone changes.

1. You can get pregnant during your period

Some women bled when they release an egg each month, call ovulation and mistake it for their period. Having intercourse two days before, during and after ovulation could lead to conception.

2. Your period changes throughout your life

Hormone shifts happen throughout your lifetime. A typical cycle for a teenage girl is 21 to 45 days but it will get shorter and predictable, averaging 21 to 35 days. As a woman approach menopause, the body makes less estrogen thus period get shorter or longer before stopping for good.

3. PMS is still a mystery

There is sluggishness, cravings, bloating and mood swings one week before the period starts. This is caused by hormone and chemical changes in the body.

4. You lose a lot less blood than you think

A lady loses on average about three to six tablespoons of blood. Losing too much blood put you at risk of anaemia.

5. Not having a period is a medical condition

Amenorrhea is a term used to describe the absence of a period in girls who have not started menstruating by age 15. It is caused by extreme weight loss, stress or medical condition.

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