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Tears of joy as 56 People are Scheduled to Receive HIV Vaccine

Renowned Biotechnology company Moderna has scheduled to launch Human trials on HIV vaccine as early as this week. 

In a post, the company indicated that it is looking for 56 HIV negative people ages 18-50.

The trial is programmed to commence on August 19 and end in 2023 upon which they'll start rolling out vaccines to the public if the trials prove successful. 

The Biotechnology company is working with George Washington University, the University of Texas, Emory University and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research centre. 

The company has its confidence in two vaccines mRNA-1644 and mRNA-1644v2-Core both of which were tested for safety before trials commence. 

A similar trial took place in 2000 and it was established that the vaccine candidate could only decrease infection by 30% although this was surrounded by controversy. 

Despite HIV mutating into various variants over the years, Moderna is strong on the belief that the mRNA remains advantageous over other vaccine techniques because it's modifiable. 

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