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The Different Colors of Stool and What it Says About Your Health

After visiting the toilet, carefully observe the color of your stool before flushing.Stool is made up of what is left after your digestive system absorbs nutrients and fluids from what you eat and drink.Factors that can make the color of your stool change are:underlying medical condition,certain food, medication and the amount of bile which is a substance that digests fats in your stool.The appearance of the stool color varies among individuals because each person has a unique way of life.Below are the different colors of stool and what it means about your health:1.Brown stool.This color indicates a healthy living because it is the normal color of stool.

2.Green stool.The color indicates normal stool but it is majorly as a result of the type of foods you eat such as green veggies or green food colorings.If you note a stool of green diarrhea,it is likely that your meal moved through your gut too quickly,so the fat digesting bile didn't have time to turn brown.

3.Yellow stool.More Oftenly associated with babies who breastfeed but for adults it could be a sign your body isn't digesting food properly because your body can't handle a protein called gluten found in foods like wheat and barley and this will be a good time to see a doctor.

4.Pale or clay coloured stool can be as a result of medicine such as bismuth subsalicylate or lack of bile in your stool that gives stool it's brown color.

5.Black stool,can be a sign of amore serious problem such as bleeding in the upper part of the digestive tract.

6.Red stool can be as a result of fooda that you eat such as beets and tomato soup but if the red coloration is not from food then seek medical help fast because it may be as a result of noncancerous tumors,growth polyps or hemorrhoids.

7.Orange stool can be as a result of orange foods such as pumpkin or it may be your liver has a problem due to blockage that keeps the bile from leaving and entering your system.

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