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Skin Care

Checkout What Causes Itching Palm And What It Says About Your Health

It is believed when you have itching palms it means that you will receive money soon but this is only a belief and not true. However, itching palms is associated with several medical conditions, and below are some of the health conditions.

Allergic Reaction.

Itching palm can be a result of exposure to chemicals or you have eaten something that causes allergic reactions. Things that may trigger allergic reactions are water with a high amount of chlorine, perfumes applied on the palm, or jewelry you wear. The best thing to do is to avoid things you know that will trigger allergic reactions.


A person who has diabetes or excess blood sugar may have dry skin which contributes to itching of the palm and other body parts and is caused when there is poor blood circulation.

Reactions to medication.

Itching palms may also be a result of taking different medicines that when they come into contact with the palm skin they cause allergic reactions.

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