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How To Treat Jiggers At Home

If jiggers bother you use these simple treatment guides to get rid of them:

1. First you need the following items:

Enough clean water, antibacterial soap, potassium mangante VII, clean towel, clean pair of gloves, disinfectant and petroleum jelly.

2. Wear the clean pair of gloves then wash the jiggers infected areas thoroughly using clean water and antibacterial soap. Remember that at times some jiggers may be found underneath the nails. If this is the case, you must first the nails short using a new razor blade or a nail cutter before proceeding with the cleaning.

3. Add 1 tablespoon of potassium manganate VII in 5 litres of clean water to make a solution then soak the clean areas that have been attacked by the jiggers. Soak the areas for at least 15 minutes then wait for a short while to dry.

4. Make sure to apply enough petroleum jelly on the areas attacked by the jiggers. This will prevent adverse effects that will make the skim to dry and crack.

5. Instruct the patient not to wear closed shoes as it may hinder the healing process of the jiggers infested areas. This procedure must be repeated regularly for about two weeks.

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