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People Living With HIV Reveal If They Still Drink Alcohol When They Are Taking Their ARVS

Most people are aware of the drug and alcohol interaction and most people are advised to keep away from alcohol as long as they are taking their medication. This is because most drugs get detoxified at the liver after completing intended usage. Alcohol on the other hand is given VIP treatment in the body and the liver needs to detoxify the body as quickly as possible to prevent intoxication. That is why doctors always say too much consumption of alcohol is harmful to your liver. So when you take alcohol alongside medical you are overworking your liver.

Today one of the popular HIV activist Doreen Muracha enquired from her fans if they still take alcohol alongside their ARV treatment and most fans said no. However, a number of people admitted that they take alcohol occasionally while a few admitted to take too much alcohol. See screenshots of fans revelations on Doreen's Instagram Stories page.

Content created and supplied by: Rawina (via Opera News )

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