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3 Body Parts You Shouldn't Touch With Your Hands.

We use our hands in touching various things and doing various activities. However, our hands can also work against us by carrying bacteria and germs that can cause infections. This mostly happens when you Touch some of the body part that are highly susceptible to infections after visiting places like public toilets or after using harmful chemicals. Today I'll take you through the body parts you should not touch with your hands,read on below.

The eyes.

The eyes always needs to be handled with care since they are so delicate. You should always avoid touching your eyes unless you are washing out some dirt particles that accidentally make their way inside the eyes or putting in contact eye lenses.

The nostrils.

Putting your fingers inside your nostril can inject a lot of bacteria and germs that might end up causing irritation in the nostrils. If by any chance you need to get something out of the nose, don't use your bare hands, use a clean handkerchief instead in order to avoid bacterial infestation in the nostrils. 

The tongue.

Even if you need to turn a book's Page, don't bother putting your fingers in your tongue because you can end up ingesting harmful bacteria without knowing.

Thank you so much for your time. Please be sure to share this information with your family, friends, neighbors and all your loved ones, without forgetting to follow me for more educative health contents. 


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