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Eating Late at Night is Bad, But If You Must, Here are 3 You Should Eat and 4 You should Avoid

Eating late at Night is not a good habit rather it is a bad one that has been proven to rather come with Disadvantages rather than advantages to people.

According to, the time a food is eaten doesn’t matter much but it still has a role to play in their health. The major reasons why people are suggested by experts not to eat at night is because.

1. People consume more calories at night

Studies have found that more people consume more calories at night than any other time of the day. This could be as a result of those people feeling more relaxed at night after a long day of activities.

2. You have fewer healthier options

Naturally if you eat late at night, you take what you are given, you generally have no other choice but to do that. This is because you cannot go outside and buy yourself a different food.

Here are 3 Foods that are best to be eaten at Night

1. White Rice

White Rice is a recommended food to eat at night because it induces sleep and increases the feeling of fullness in the body.

2. Boiled potatoes with sauce

A nice sauce with boiled potatoes plays a very good role as night food. This is because it is rich in Vitamin B6 and Melatonin which helps in promoting better sleep

3. A Foods rich in salmon or other fatty fishes

A food rich in salmon or other fatty fishes serves as a perfect dinner food as they are rich in nutrients and also have nutrients which regulate serotonin that regulate sleep.

Here are foods you should avoid

1. Heavy foods

No matter the type of food you are eating, it should not be very heavy because it gives your body lots of work to do which might make you sleep late.

2. Foods that are caffeinated

This will seriously affect your sleep. Although it greatly depends on the person who took it as some people are immune to caffeine.

3. Spicy foods

Foods that are super spicy should be avoided at night. This is because it could cause heart burn making your night very uncomfortable.

4. Alcohol

Alcohol is no food but it is something people consume. It is quite unhealthy to take alcohol at night as it could lead to uncomfortable sleep.

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