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Benefits of Apples to your health and skin

Most people avoid eating apples as a fruit or snack claiming that it is expensive not knowing it's importance to both our health and our skin. The most appealing fact about apples is that they come in various colours,one can be green and another can be red. It doesn't matter the colour of the apple the good thing is that both are good for our health and skin.Taking a piece or a whole apple daily should be your routine because below are secrets about apples that you don't know.

1. They control weight

Apples have been considered a number one natural remedies for weight loss.Most people struggle with losing weight lacking a clue of how eating an apple daily can solve their problem. Especially the green apple,it has fibres beneficial for weight loss, this is because of it's low sugar levels,more nutrients and antioxidants. Taking an apple as your snack daily can keep your weight in track.

2.Improves vision

Apples are rich with vitamin A which strengthens your vision potentially.Apples have the power of giving you a clear vision if taken daily as they strengthen the eye nerves.

3.Facilitates faster digestion

Most people have a problem with digestion which later causes constipation.Eating apples daily, more especially the green apples keeps your liver and digestive system healthy. It's richness in antioxidants and its high number of fibres are good for digestion.

4.It lowers high blood sugar levels

If you have high blood sugar levels, make apples your daily routine and you will say goodbye to medicine.Apples are rich in vitamin K which keeps blood circulation uninterrupted.

5.prevents cancer and kills some cancer cells.

Most cancer patients are advised to take apples because they contain antioxidants that kills some types of cancer cells.

6.Makes your teeth strong and white

Once taken apples leave your teeth and mouth fresh making them white . They also clean,cleanse your teeth and fights against bad breath.Majority of us have a problem with bad breath in our mouths, the acidity in an apple kills off bad bacteria that encourage bad breath.The fibrous content of apples clean our teeth making them white and acting as a toothbrush for scrubbing food remains the leaving our teeth spackling white.

7.Enhances faster hair growth

An extracted apples juice left on your scalp for 30 minutes strengthens your hair and prevents hair loss.

8.prevents acne

As one of the highest fibre diets apples prevents acne and skin irritation.Apples contain vitamin C and D which are good for your skin.Vitamin B are beneficial as they fights acne , prevents dark spots and skin irritation.People who eat a lot of fibres may experience an improvement in their acne.High fibre diets control blood sugar levels which is better for keeping acne away.

9.slows down aging

Fisetin a compound found in apples helps slow down aging.Elderly people are advised to take a lot of apples as they bring down blood sugar cholesterol levels which is the most important factor for the elderly.

10.Apples are good for the skin

They brighten your skin, correct even skin torn,hydrates skin,reduces sign of aging,offers UV protection and reduces dark circles.Antioxidants in the fruit accelerate skin cell rejuvenation and helps maintain healthy and glowing skin.

IIn conclusion taking a piece of apples daily can be beneficial.Make them your daily routine and you will appreciate their benefits.

Content created and supplied by: Janet536 (via Opera News )


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