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Good news to HIV patients as major Breakthrough towards an HIV vaccine reaches final stage.

Hiv has remained to be a pandemic which has hit the world fpr quite too long. Breakthroughs have been witnessed with invention of Antiretrovirals. This has not only reduced deaths but also increased life with the virus. With strict adherence to the Arvs the immunity is reshaped back to normal and secondary infections are equally fought successfully.

For the first time in more than 10 years, an HIV vaccine prototype has reached the critical final stage of clinical this phase it will give evidence whether in the real world it protects against HIV before it successfully transforms to killer AIDS.

The vaccine was first developed by medical enthusiast called Janssen. In it's study it uses same technology that the pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer has used in preparing the vaccine for Corona virus. If in this stage the target results of the vaccine been able to prevent multiplalication of the virus in the body and it's successful prevention of the vaccine moderating itself to hide in other cells then it will be a success to the world and good news to all living with and without the disease.

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