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They Are Using My Pictures Illegally, Citizen Tv Journalist Raises Alarm

Citizen TV Journalist Willis Raburu has today raised a concert after he noticed an uncouth behavior where his name was being dragged into.

Willis Raburu who initially had issues battling weight loss recently came out revealing that he had managed to cut of some weight after undergoing a successful gastric bypass surgery.

Due to his successful weight loss, Mr Raburu had revealed that some individuals are taking advantage of his condition to scam Kenyans into buying their products without approval.

"So these malicious and immoral pages and/or people have decided to use my pics to illegally and unjustly promote their rudimentary, fickle and fraudulent products! They have done this without my express permission and are in violation of rights and laws! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM." Willis Raburu penned.

Mr Raburu further added that weight loss is serious issue and it is well documented that he lost weight through a surgery. Hence he condemns acts of selling such products claiming that they helped him lose weight.

"These are glib, frivolous and despicable!Weight loss is a serious issue. It is well documented that I did a gastric bypass surgery with @nairobibariatric I remain available for advise and if I don’t I’ll point you to the right direction. I condemn this irreverent acts!" Willis Raburu added.

Here's some of the fake pages he exposed:

Meanwhile what's your thought on the matter? Share your opinion in the comment section below.

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