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Cure For common Cold(Homa)

Drinking alot of fluids

Drinking enough fluids can prevent dehydration and also thin mucus. Water is your best bet when it comes to staying well hydrated. Though you can also sip other things like juices and teas.

You can try honey and lemon tea as it can help break congestion and can also ease a sore throat. Hot soups can also promote nasal drainage and make breathing easier.

One must avoid alcohol if they have a cold as consuming alcohol can lead to dehydration.

Take more rest

Sleeping gives your body rest and helps you to heal. When you sleep, your body makes proteins called cytokines, which are important to fight the inflammation and infection.

You can try to get some extra sleep to help your body fight off the cold virus.


Breathing steam from hot water can help in decreasing nasal congestion and sinus pressure. You can also consider adding eucalyptus essential oil. The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy suggests adding 4-7 drops of eucalyptus oil to boiling water and then inhaling the steam through the nose.

Use of Humidifier

A humidifier in the room can help decrease the symptoms of cold including congestion, cough and sore throat. A humidifier helps to maintain the moisture in the room. But make sure to change the water on a daily basis.

Blow your nose

Blowing your nose is better than sniffing the mucus back into your head. But make sure to be gentle and not blow too hard. Blowing too hard can send the germ-carrying phlegm back to your ear passages, which can cause earaches.

The best technique is to press a finger over one nostril while you blow the other side gently.

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