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Skin Care

Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Pillows While Sleeping

A good number of Kenyans use pillows to create comfort while sleeping. However, using pillows come with limitations which may result in various effects to the body.

People who use pillows are likely to develop facial wrinkles even at their tender age.This is because they faceprint on the pillows. Prolonged face-printing result into permanent wrinkles.

Experiencing shoulder and neck pains may be as a result of using pillows. Feather pillows tend to sink inside thus the need to adjust them every time arises. This leads to irregular resting of the head and the neck hence resulting in neck pains. If you are already accustomed to using the pillow, gradually reduce its thickness to avoid discomfort.

Furthermore, thick pillows may result to back pains if used oftenly. Such pillows tend to change the location of the spinal cord. Sleeping without a pillow is one of the most healthy methods since it provides benefits to the spine. A fully rested spinal cord on its normal curve reduces chances of experiencing some body abnormalities.

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