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The Ministry Of Health Speaks on Reopening Of The Country But Kenyans Are Still Angry

The ministry of health on Thursday promised Kenyans that things will go back to normal only if they all get vaccinated. However, some sections of kenyans have ignored the request about being vaccinated. One of them claimed that the government should make the vaccines accessible at every health facilities in sub counties and end the madness of curfew.[Photo Courtesy]

Another kenyan added that some countries like Finland and Sweden have stopped administering the moderna vaccines. He says that the vaccine has been linked with some cases of inflammation of the heart and yet in Kenya people are being convinced to take the same vaccines.

The cases concerning the effects of the virus to individuals have not been addressed very well in the country. People are spreading rumors and unverified reports about the vaccines. How we wish that the ministry of health itself could come out and tell us the truth. Many people have complained about the vaccines while some countries have even stopped vaccinating their citizens.

It is so awkward to see some small countries like Latvia and Finland offering Kenyans with vaccines. Why don't they use their own vaccines instead of giving as donations? Kenyans should open their eyes and overlook what awaits them if the vaccines comes with side effects. Here are some angered Kenyans saying what comes out of their hearts.

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