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Three Inherited Diseases A Woman Can Get From Her Mother

There are a lot of things as woman, you can get from your mothers. Sometimes, it's their personality or it's their ability to love unconditionally and stay strong through even the toughest of times.

But there is one more things you can inherit from the women who birthed us genetic diseases. Even if we do not notice any symptoms, it is good to be informed of the conditions to make informed decisions when required.

1. Migraines

Women suffer from migraines three times more often than men. This disease can be passed down genetically too but it’s possible to ease this condition and reduce the number of migraine attacks.

2. Breast and Ovarian Cancers

The gene responsible for a woman's increased risk of heart disease, when mutated, affects her the same way when it comes to breast and ovarian cancer.

It is predominantly women who suffer this condition. In fact, the chance that a family has HBOC increases if one or more women are diagnosed at age 45 or younger.

3. Premature aging

Scientists discovered that certain genes are responsible for how long our bodies can prevent aging processes. These genes are transmitted from one generation to another on the mother’s side.

If you inherit your mother’s damaged DNA, your aging process will be faster. Unfortunately, scientists haven’t figured out yet how to reverse this process.

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