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Do You Have Plans to Start Yoga? Here’s Why You Should Get Started

People of all ages can benefit from the physical and mental health benefits of yoga. Yoga can also be an important element of your treatment if you're recuperating from surgery, dealing with an illness, or having a chronic disease. This could potentially speed up your recovery.

When working with patients, a yoga therapist can create tailored regimens that complement their medical and surgical procedures. In this way, yoga can aid in the healing process and assist the patient in dealing with their symptoms more calmly and comfortably.

Here are some of the reasons on why you should get started with Yoga:

Strength, flexibility and balance improvement- Holding a position can help improve strength, slow, deep breathing and movement warm up muscles and enhance blood flow.

Yoga is beneficial for easing back discomfort- When it comes to reducing pain and enhancing mobility in those with lower back pain, yoga is just as effective as simple stretching. Yoga is suggested by the American College of Physicians as a first-line treatment for persistent low back pain.

Yoga helps lessen the effects of arthritis- According to a Johns Hopkins assessment of 11 recent research, gentle yoga has been demonstrated to lessen some of the discomfort associated with painful, swollen joints for persons with arthritis.

Yoga is good for the heart- Regular yoga practice may lower stress levels and overall inflammatory levels, promoting heart health. Yoga can also be used to treat a number of the risk factors for heart disease, such as excessive blood pressure and obesity.

Yoga helps you unwind, which promotes better sleep- According to research, practicing bedtime yoga regularly might help you set the correct mood and get your body ready for sleep.

Yoga may result in increased vigor and happier moods- After establishing a regular yoga practice schedule, you might experience an improvement in mental and physical energy, an increase in attentiveness and enthusiasm, and fewer negative emotions.

Yoga can help you cope with stress- The National Institutes of Health state that research supports the benefits of yoga for stress reduction, mental health, mindfulness, good eating, weight loss, and restful sleep.


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